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"Dynamic Equilibrium" Declaration Shinichi Fukuoka

What is life?

Life science in the 20th century, which began with the discovery of the double helix structure of DNA,

I answered this question as a self-replicating system.

But I think this definition, and the idea of selfish genes, is old.
They see life from only one side.

The characteristic that life is life is deeper inside life.

Life looks selfish, and in fact it is not selfish.


Living things regulate each other while supporting each other.
In other words, it is altruistic and complementary.


Continuous exchange of matter, energy and information.

It is done by destroying itself and recreating it.

Breaking oneself is to counter the law of increasing entropy,
Life was the only way of choice at the starting point of evolution.
This is the reason why life is the life of life.

What is life?

When asked, I would like to say that it is dynamic equilibrium.
Repeat decomposition and synthesis while maintaining complementarity to maintain a bad balance.

Dynamic equilibrium has thus become a keyword in my theory of life.
This video is a visualization of the concept of dynamic equilibrium.

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