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Biological Current GALAPAGOS

Shinichi Fukuoka

What are "life" and "evolution"?
Shinichi Fukuoka followed in the footsteps of Darwin,
Get to the essence of life.

Galapagos Voyage chronicles the wonders of nature and evolution unfolding on a solitary island in the distant sea with humorous text and beautiful photographs.

Shinichi Fukuoka, who continues to pursue the question of “What is life?” and says, “Because life does not change, it continues to change,” derives a new view of life from his fieldwork in the Galapagos Islands, an island of evolutionary theory.

Where did the strange creatures inhabiting the isolated island in the distant sea come from? Why did it have such a special evolution? Why are animals not afraid of humans? The iguana, which began to live on land and the sea, and the cormorant, which gave up its wings to fly... Solve the mysteries of the creatures of the Galapagos. A non-fiction travelogue that vividly describes the "site of evolution" and its amazing life while feeling the great nature of the island with your whole body.

E-book cover design: ●●●●●

Photography: Yusuke Abe

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